Banjo Fibreglass Shaft Kayak Paddle with Heatshrink & Grip by Australis

Banjo Fibreglass Shaft Double Paddle

Banjo glass-filled polypropylene double paddle with a fibreglass shaft: ideal for sea kayaking and general purpose paddling.


Red Banjo Yellow Banjo Blue Banjo White Banjo Black Banjo

The Banjo Paddle with a fibreglass shaft can be used for general purpose flat-water paddling as well as in the surf and produces a brilliant paddling experience for both novice and skilled paddlers.
The "asymmetrical" shape (sometimes called "tear drop" shape) delivers excellent paddling efficiency, and the rigidity of the glass-filled polypropylene (light-weight yet strong) eliminates "flutter" during power strokes. 
Banjo blades are set at an angle of 70 degrees on a 29mm fibreglass shaft with "heatshrink and grip". 
All paddles are "double plugged" to create an air-lock, so that your paddle will float on top of the water. Drip rings are fitted as standard.
Colour Options: Red, Yellow, Blue, White and Black
Standard Length: 216cm