Kanulock Lockable Tiedowns for added security - 2.5m

Tie Downs - lockable KanuLock

Stainless steel reinforced lockable tiedowns - 2.5m, 3.3m, 4m, 5.4m


Kanulock Lockable Tiedowns - 2.5m Kanulock Lockable Tiedowns - 3.3m Kanulock Lockable Tiedowns - 4.0m Kanulock Lockable Tiedowns - 5.4m

The Kanulock Lockable Tiedowns are extremely simple - they work exactly the same way as a regular set of tiedowns however they have the added benefits of being able to lock securely with a key and are reinforced with 2 x 2.5mm Braided Stainless Steel cables making them very difficult to cut, unlike regular tiedowns that can simply be cut with a blade or knife.
Understanding this, the Kanulock Lockable Tiedowns were designed to provide security and peace of mind to paddlers when leaving their kayaks and boards unattended on roof racks.

Sizes Available:

  • 2.5m (8ft) strap - Green (1-2 surfboards, small sit-ons)
  • 3.3m (10ft) strap - Orange (small sit-ons & sea kayaks, 1 SUP, 3 surfboards)
  • 4m (13ft) strap - Gold (2 x small stackable sit-ons, double sit-ons, 2 SUPs)
  • 5.4m (18ft) strap - Blue (canoes)

Technical Specifications:
The SPT Lockable Tie Down has been designed to secure kayaks, canoes or anything requiring that little bit of extra strap length. Designed to fit any roof rack system it has been constructed using the following:

• 33mm U.V stabilized webbing
• 2 x hardened stainless steel cables
• Soft Santoprene protective casing 
• Polished die cast buckle
• Weather resistant lock with dust shutter