Salamander Expedition  Sea Kayak by Australis

Salamander Sea Kayak

Salamander 5.2m expedition sea kayak that is fast and manoeuvrable. Easily handles the open ocean. Three storage areas including a day hatch that can be accessed whilst on the water.



Salamander 5.2m plastic sea kayak that is fast and manoeuvrable and suitable for extended expeditions on the open ocean.

The fastest single in our 'Lizard Sea Kayak' range, the multi-chined hull of the Salamander not only delivers speed and a tight turning circle but also secondary stability when rolling and bracing. 

Speed, Responsiveness and Stability are important when paddling long distances on open ocean, and the Salamander is designed to perform! This is an Expedition Sea Kayak that will turn in its own length!

The storage compartments within the hull of the Salamander provide abundant space for gear and there are several places on the deck where luggage can also be secured. 

A large day hatch is conveniently located within easy reach behind the paddler on the right hand side of the kayak which allows the paddler to access supplies whilst on the water. 

The Salamander has a "flap" steering system that can be quickly and easily adjusted to suit people of different heights and gives a firm platform to brace against when paddling. 

The controls for lifting and lowering the traditional drop-over rudder on the Salamander are located beside the paddler for safety and stability. 

The Salamander is a great kayak for people just starting out in sea kayaking, and has all the features that an experienced paddler would look for. The Salamander is recommended for taller paddlers (up to 6'7") and people who require a larger sea kayak. 

Salamander Specifications:  
Length:  5.2m (17'1") 
Width:  60cm  
Depth:  34cm  
Cockpit:  50 x 86cm  
Weight:  24kg  
Hatches:  Front - 18cm round 
                Rear - 41 x 23cm oval 
                Day - 18cm round 
Dry Storage:  Front - 65 litres
                      Rear - 75 litres
                      Day - 35 litres 
Capacity:  180kg (Depending on water conditions)

PFD with hydro-pack pocket
Banjo Fibreglass Paddle or Banjo Aluminium 
Spare break-down paddle
Paddle leash
Spray Deck
Dry bags
Paddle float for self rescue
Protective clothing including hat, jacket, gloves, boots
Sea Kayakers Ladder - Deep Water Assist Rescue Device
Trolley (take apart and store in rear hatch)

Salamander Brochure in printer friendly format 

Salamander Colours Shown:
1 - Orange, Dark Blue, Dark Blue/Light Blue/White
2 - Dark Blue/White
3 - Purple/White
4 - Dark Blue/Light Blue/White