Iguana Modular  Sea Kayak by Australis

Iguana Sea Kayak

Iguana 4.9m single modular sea kayak. Comprised of a front, middle and rear pod, the Iguana can be stored and transported in pieces and can be assembled in minutes.



The Iguana is the Ultimate Adventure Kayak in the 'Lizard Sea Kayak' range because it takes apart for easy storage and transportation. This take-apart feature makes it perfect for transporting to remote locations by sea-plane, helicopter or utility! 

The take-apart feature of the Iguana also allows the "Everyday Adventurer" to escape the "Concrete Jungle" and explore our beautiful local waterways in a full length sea kayak that can easily be stored in the corner of any office or even a 1 bedroom apartment! 

Large hatches in the front and rear pods allow access to extensive storage areas, and the higher-than-standard front deck makes the Iguana extra roomy for larger paddlers. 

The extra couple of centimetres of width means that novices will find the Iguana to be very, very stable. Heavier paddlers will notice that they float higher on the water because of the extra buoyancy that this width provides and as a result, will find it easier to keep up with longer (and usually faster) kayaks. 

The Iguana tracks really well in a straight line without having to use the traditional drop-over rudder and is surprisingly quick for a sea kayak less than 5 metres in length. It is an exceptional performer in the surf where the multi-chined hull makes riding waves an absolute buzz. 

Whether you are into extreme adventure or simply enjoy exploring your local waterways, the Iguana is the perfect choice! It allows you to enjoy the benefits of paddling a full length sea kayak, whilst being able to take the kayak apart for easy transport and storage. 

Iguana Specifications: 
Length:  4.9m 
Width:  64cm 
Depth:  34cm  
Cockpit:  50 x 86cm  
Weight:  29kg  
Capacity:  200kg (Depending on water conditions)  

Length of each Pod:  Front - 1.60m (5’3") 
                                    Middle - 1.58m (5’2") 
                                    Rear - 1.83m (6’0")  

Hatches:  Front - 41 x 23cm oval
                 Rear - 41 x 23cm oval 
                 Day - 18cm round  

Dry Storage:  Front - 90 litres
                       Rear - 100 litres 
                       Day - 3 litres 

PFD with hydro-pack pocket
Banjo Fibreglass Paddle or Banjo Aluminium 
Spare break-down paddle
Paddle leash
Spray Deck
Dry bags
Paddle float for self rescue
Protective clothing including hat, jacket, gloves, boots
Sea Kayakers Ladder - Deep Water Assist Rescue Device
Trolley (take apart and store in rear hatch)

Iguana Brochure in printer friendly format

Iguana Colours Shown:
1, 4 - Red/Orange/Fluro Green
2, 3 - Orange