1.5 litre storage pod for sit-on kayaks by Australis

Storage Pod for Sit-on-Tops - 1.5 litre



The storage pod is an optional upgrade for the Ocky, Foxx, Squid, Lynxx or Cuttlefish sit-on-top kayaks and comes as a standard feature with the Pelagic and with the Ocky and Foxx Fishing Packages. It is an easily accessible 1.5 litre storage pod to hold your valuables, that is fitted between the legs of the paddler. 
The pod comes complete with a 20cm push-on hatch that, unlike screw hatches, can not get cross-threaded or hard to close if sand gets into the rim. Stainless steel screws are included in the price.

Please Note: We recommend the use of a small dry bag to ensure that your valuable items are not damaged by condensation and moisture.

Includes Stainless Steel screws for fitting
Only available in natural (white) with a black lid. 

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3 litre storage pod suitable for sit-in kayaks.