Aquaracks Kayak Wall Storage system

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Aquaracks Storage system - Small Aquaracks Storage system - Large

PLEASE NOTE: We do NOT have any SMALL Aquaracks in stock and do not know when further supplies will become available. You are welcome to order and we will add you to a list to contact when they come in.

Large Aquaracks are still in stock.

Aquaracks are the simplest, strongest and most versatile storage rack you can find. Sold as a pair, Aquaracks can accommodate virtually any paddle craft on the market and allow for storage or display at almost any angle without causing damage. 
They are a great way to display your kayaks or store your boats in the garage at home!

The Aquaracks Small version takes up half the vertical wall space of the original Aquaracks but is still packed with all the same great features. Designed to store or display smaller boats, the new Aquaracks SMs are perfect for sit-ons, kayaks, sea kayaks, whitewater or play boats, lightweight composites and rowing shells.

Note: As colours often change, the photos may not indicate the colour in stock. Please check below for current stock colours.

Small Capacity: 50kgs / 110lb (Green) - 57cm 
Large Capacity:  80kgs / 175lb (Orange) - 68cm


  • Easy to install (mounting hardware & instructions included)
  • Strongest, most versatile rack on the market today
  • Specially designed padded arms prevent damage
  • Great for indoor or outdoor applications
  • Use only half the vertical space of the standard Aquaracks
  • Distance from Wall: 57cm - small / 68cm - large
  • Capacity: 110lb (50kg) or 175lb (80kg)