Stainless Steel Sit-on-Top Trolley by Australis

Trolley - Sit-on-Top

Collapsible, stainless steel trolley to transport small sit-on-top kayaks. 


Small Stainless Steel Sit-on Trolley By Australis Large Stainless Steel Sit-on Trolley by Australis

This Australis collapsible, stainless steel trolley makes it easy to transport your small sit-on-top kayak.
No need to carry your kayak, simply roll onto its side, insert the uprights through the scupper holes, roll the kayak back the right-way-up and pull along from the front toggle handle. 
The upright-poles extend all the way through the scupper holes, so there is no chance of causing a puncture that lets water into your sit-on-top, and because the upright poles will slide along the axle, this trolley can be adjusted to fit almost any sit-on-top kayak. (Diameter of Uprights: 15mm)
The material used is stainless steel, and is suitable for most sit-on-top kayaks with side-by-side scupper holes in the seat. As with all stainless steel products, this trolley is resistant to rust development and not rust-proof. This means, you will prolong the life of your trolley with a good rinse after use. 

Small: Suitable for the Ocky, Foxx and Squid.
Axle Length: 49cm

Large: Suitable for Pelagic, Lynxx and Cuttlefish
Axle Length: 64cm

Please Note: For the Illusion you will need a kayak trolley.

Also available:
Extension Poles to allow 2 stackable Australis sit-ons to be carried on one trolley (diameter: 25mm)