Banjo Split Aluminium Shaft Kayak Paddle by Australis

Banjo Aluminium Split Double Paddle

Banjo glass-filled polypropylene double paddle with an aluminium shaft that can be separated for transport and storage: ideal for sea kayaking and general purpose paddling.


Red Banjo Yellow Banjo Blue Banjo White Banjo Black Banjo

The Banjo paddle can be used for general purpose flat-water paddling as well as in the surf and produces a brilliant paddling experience for both novice and skilled paddlers.
The "asymmetrical" shape (sometimes called "tear drop" shape) delivers excellent paddling efficiency and the "Split" paddle allows you to take your paddle apart for easy transporting and storage.
Banjo blades are set at an angle of 70 degrees on a 29mm anodised aluminium shaft.
All paddles are "double plugged" to create an air-lock, so that your paddle will float on top of the water. Drip rings are fitted as standard.

Standard Lengths: 216cm & 220cm
Colour Options: Red, Yellow, Blue, White and Black