2-Up 2 person Fishing Kayak by Australis

2-Up Fishing Kayak

2-Up 4.0m plastic general purpose fishing sit-in kayak with adjusting seats for 1 or 2 people. 
A great alternative to a canoe when the weight to be lifted is an important factor. 



4.0m General Purpose plastic kayak for 1 or 2 people - Flexible seating for Family Fun.

Fishing Package includes:

  • 1 x 2-Up kayak 
  • 2 x Power Double Paddles 
  • 2 x Paddle ropes 
  • 1 x fixed rod holder at back
  • 1 x adjustable rod holder at front 

Optional Upgrades include: 3 litre Storage pod, Removable child seat, Banjo paddles

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2-Up Features:
The 2-Up is a general-purpose kayak suitable for use by one or two adults, or one adult and 2 children (up to the total weight capacity). 

The long, flat hull and moulded-in skeg give smooth and effortless paddling, whilst the dual seating positions make the 2-Up so versatile! The front seat can be fixed in either a forward or middle position, depending on the seating requirements of the crew. 

Perfect for day trips or exploring waterways around your camp site, the 2-Up is the preferred choice of older paddlers. It allows access to beautiful waterways and at only 26 kilograms, it is much lighter and easier to lift than a canoe. Some people have even found that they can do it on their own! 

The 2-Up is exceptional value for money as it can be used as a single or multiple person craft. It allows you to go paddling on your own, with a mate or with a couple of kids - whatever your requirements, the 2-Up can do it all! 

A great alternative to a canoe when the weight to be lifted is an important factor. 

This version has a Fishing Package ready to go. Suitable for use on flat water only.

For those who would like to save their energy there is even the option of adding an Electric motor . 

Length:  4.0m  
Width:  77cm  
Depth:  32cm 
Cockpit:  55 x 210 cm
Weight:  26kg  
Capacity:  210kg (Depending on water conditions)