Repairs & Maintenance

If you would like to repair your kayak yourself, you will find all the parts that you need at the Australis factory. 

Australis carry a wide variety of repair and replacement parts including footrests & rudders, hatches, fasteners, toggles, ropes and wires. To find out more about our spare parts range, call the factory on 02 4285 2000. 

Listed below are the repairs that Australis can carry out for you. 


If you have any plastic canoe or kayak that needs to be repaired, call Australis on 02 4285 2000. 

There can be differences in the types of plastics used by different manufacturers to make their canoes and kayaks. Some of these materials may not be able to be repaired by plastic welding. 

All Australis watercraft are made from linear polyethylene that CAN BE REPAIRED by plastic welding.  

If in doubt as to whether your canoe or kayak can be repaired by welding, please contact Australis and we can advise you as to the best way and who can repair it for you. 



Worn rudder cables, rudder parts and footrest parts can be replaced. 

Although it is recommended that all kayaks (especially ones with rudders) have the "once over" on a regular basis, please remember to have any sea kayak that is used for open ocean paddling, checked and serviced by an expert every 12 months.