Colour Options

What colours are Australis craft available in? 

[As colour charts are unreliable we have provided links to photos on the website that will give you a closer indication of how the colours and blends appear in canoes, sit-ons and kayaks.]

Because all canoes and kayaks are made in Wollongong we are able to produce custom colour combinations to suit you. If you would like a colour combination that is not listed, contact Australis and we will advise you on whether it is possible within the constraints of the maufacturing process. (Note that some colour combinations do not give satisfactory results)

 The colours that make up the Australis range include: 

What specific colours are the canoes and kayaks available in? 
All Australis watercraft are available in plain colours.
Some models are also available as 2 and 3 colour multis, where you can mix any of the colours above, and where you can also include black or white in the mix.

Available in Plain colours only: [See above for examples]

  • Canoes (also Grey Granite & Sandstone)
  • Funyak (also granite mixes)
  • Iguana (Yellow or Light Blue)
  • Komodo (Red or Yellow)
  • Illusion (Yellow, Light Blue, Orange, Light Grey Granite, Pink/Purple/White Granite, Green/Fluoro/White Granite, Red/Orange Granite)

Available in 2 Colour Blends & Plain Colours: [See below for 2 colour blend examples]

  • Sit-on-Tops (except Illusion),
  • Kayaks (except Funyak)
  • Sea Kayaks (except Iguana & Komodo)

Available in 2 or 3 Colour Blends & Plain Colours: [See below for 3 colour blend examples]

  • Kayaks (except Funyak)
  • Sea Kayaks (except Iguana & Komodo)

Examples of 2 Colour Fades for Sit-ons or Kayaks

Other popular 2 colour choices include:

  • Red/Orange
  • Dark Blue/Teal
  • Magenta/White
  • Purple/Light Blue

Examples of 3 Colour blends for Kayaks & Sea Kayaks

‚ÄčOther popular 3 colour choices include:

  • Dark Green/Apple Green/Fluoro Green
  • Dark Green/Apple Green/White
  • Yellow/Orange/Red
  • Purple/Light Blue/White
  • Purple/Light Blue/Fluoro Green