ILLUSION - The following testimonial has been provided by Michelle Lunney

I would like to express my gratitude for the prompt and friendly service I recently received for the repair of my old kayak. I believe you mentioned the model was the illusion and we worked out it was at least 20 years old – that, in itself, is a testament to your quality and workmanship. The repairs were due to wear and tear not the kayak itself.
I doubt that you would be able to find the service and ongoing assistance in any of the "online cheaper by name and nature” brands available. 
You guys are hands-on the best around.

Michelle Lunney
Email - 7/5/2020


OCKY - The following testimonial has been provided by Johanna Harris

We have nothing but good things to say about Australis canoes. Our first experience was visiting the factory and being looked after and given a canoe with fishing package within an hour. Great on the spot customer service, we were impressed and couldn't wait to try out our new Ocky. The Ocky is excellent, very user friendly and with the best backrest we have ever experienced, and we have tried and owned many different canoes. Once we had tried our Ocky we decided to order 2 more. This was done over the phone and email. Again excellent customer service with follow up calls in order to execute the order and delivery. The overall experience has been awesome, our beautiful 3 Ocky's are fantastic and we will recommend the goods and Australis canoes to anybody! Thanks again for a job well done, and an excellent product. If we ever need more canoes we know who to contact.

Kind regards
Johanna Harris
Email - 27/6/13