SWAGMAN - The following testimonial has been supplied by Rohan Reynolds of Real Fun and Rapid Descents Whitewater Rafting.

"The biggest boat in my hire fleet, the Swagman is ideal for young families to get together and experience paddling. Due to its size the Swagman is probably the most stable canoe on the market. I am comfortable that parents can take their children for a paddle with minimal risk of capsize. 

I have even had a mum, dad, 2 kids and alsation hire the boat for a paddle on Lake Burley Griffin. I always advise clients not to tie dogs into the boat, just in case the dog decides to go for a swim mid paddle. if the dog does go overboard let it swim to shore before you try to get in otherwise you all might take an unscheduled swim yourself." 

Rohan Reynolds
Real Fun

Rohan, an experienced whitewater paddler with over 25 years experience, lives and works in Canberra.

Rohan has been introducing people to the sport of canoeing and kayaking since 1990 both as a freelance guide and now through his adventure company Real Fun Pty Ltd and hire business Row 'n' Ride. 


SWAGMAN - The following testimonial has been supplied by Cliff Guy - Photojournalist and Documentary maker. 

"Using an Australis Swagman canoe for one of our recent filming and photographic expeditions was the best thing we could have done. 

We ventured deep into remote coastal wilderness and this canoe proved to be incredibly stable, strong and perfect for the occasion. 

Gliding effortlessly and silently through the crystal clear waters, we were able to get very close to wildlife and we felt like explorers of a new frontier."

Cliff Guy
Photojournalist and Documentary maker