SARATOGA - The following testimonial has been supplied by Rohan Reynolds of Real Fun.

"The Saratoga is an excellent entry level touring kayak for paddling on inland waterways. I chose the Saratoga for our hire fleet as the boat has lots of features found in longer sea kayaks at the affordability of the smaller boat. 

Slightly wider than most kayaks of this length, the Saratoga is extremely stable in all conditions. I hire the boats knowing when paddled sensibly clients are unlikely to capsize. The large cockpit gives me confidence in that unlikely event of a capsize, my clients will be able to exit the boat with ease. With plenty of room in the rear hatch, clients can pack a picnic or carry extra clothes confident they will stay dry (although we still recommend that they use a dry bag to be sure). The up turned bow allows the boat to cut through waves in windy conditions.

The Saratoga comes with or without a rudder. Clients have said that they do find it easier to paddle in strong crosswinds when the rudder is fitted. 

Clients come back after many hires with comments like... 
"I thought kayaking would be much harder! Yes, you are right, the boat is so stable. I felt really confident that I was not going to capsize"

Rohan Reynolds
Real Fun

Rohan, an experienced whitewater paddler with over 25 years experience, lives and works in Canberra.

Rohan has been introducing people to the sport of canoeing and kayaking since 1990 both as a freelance guide and now through his adventure company Real Fun Pty Ltd and hire business Row 'n' Ride.