Sit-on-Top Questions

We are often asked questions about paddling in general and about Australis products in particular. If you have a question that has not been answered in these pages, please contact Australis on 02 4285 2000.

To make it easy to find what you are looking for, questions and answers relating to:



Do I have to leave the back rest on all the time, or can it be removed? 

Your backrest is easy to put on and take off, as it affixes onto bars moulded into the kayak with quick release clips.
It is a good idea to remove it when travelling to prevent damage to it or your car.
To prolong the life of your backrest, we recommend that you remove it, rinse it out after each use and store out of the sun.

Australis backrests attach to bars moulded into the kayak, where other sit-on-top kayaks have saddles attached. Why the difference? 

There are 2 reasons why we use bars moulded into the kayak rather than saddles. 

  • Firstly, by moulding the bars in, the attachment points for the backrest are recessed into the kayak, rather than sticking up. This means that if the kids are going to jump off and climb back onto your sit-on-top, there are no raised points where they can catch themselves and get hurt. Also, with saddles sticking up, they can get broken off when sliding your kayak up onto roof racks. 
  • The other reason we mould bars in is because if holes need to be drilled into the kayak to attach the saddle, it introduces a potential leak point that can allow water into the kayak. By having plastic moulded around these bars, there are no leak points. 



Other brands promote they use tri-form hulls. Why do Australis not use tri-form hulls? 

Australis don't use tri-form hulls because: 

  • They are noisy. The water slaps up under the wings of the hull, making it noisy when you paddle. 
  • Reduced turning ability. Tri-form hulls will track straight, but inhibits turning. 



How come the Ocky, Foxx and Lynxx can be stacked? 

The profile of the deck of the Ocky, Foxx and Lynxx means that they are able to be stacked on top of other sit-on-top kayaks in the Australis range. 

Stack an Ocky:  

  • On top of another Ocky 
  • On top of a Foxx 
  • On top of a Squid 

Stack a Foxx:  

  • Under an Ocky 
  • On top of another Foxx 
  • On top of a Squid 

Stack Lynxx:  

  • On top of another Lynxx 
  • On top of a Pelagic 
  • On top of a Cuttlefish 

Can I stack 2 Squids on top of each other on my car? 

The hatches on the deck of the Squid make it impossible to "stack" the Squids on top of each other. 

However, it is possible to put 2 Squids onto a car without the need for any extra roof rack accessories. 
Make sure the first Squid is positioned to one side of the car roof rack and tie it on upside-down. 
Lean the second Squid against the first Squid and tie the second one in with another set of tie-downs. 
This set up should be secure enough for 60km/hour driving, but if you will be driving on motorways where the speed limit is over 80 kilometres an hour, also tie the ends of the kayaks either under the car (to a tow bar and bull bar), or back to the roof racks to prevent them moving forward or backward. 

How do I maintain my sit-on trolley? 

Wash in fresh water after each use to remove any sand or salt particles. 
To prevent the appearance of oxidization (which happens with all metals) it is recommended that a lanolin, silicon or oil based spray be lightly applied all over the trolley.
If discolouration occurs, lightly rub the affected area with steel wool, scotchbrite or similar light abrasive. Once clean and dry, spray with the lanolin, silicon or oil based spray as outlined above.
(Note: Your local hardware or automotive store usually sells these sprays. eg. Lanox, WD-40)