Canoe Questions

We are often asked questions about paddling in general and about Australis products in particular. If you have a question that has not been answered in these pages, please contact Australis on 02 4285 2000.

To make it easy to find what you are looking for, questions and answers relating to:


Can I get replacement parts for my Australis canoe? 
Unlike some other brands, replacement parts for the Australis Bushranger and Swagman canoes are readily available. 
Because we make all our products at our factory in Wollongong, and use universal parts across our range, we are able to supply replacement parts quickly. 

  • Australis Canoes Pty Ltd is aware of some other brands of canoes for which replacement parts are not available, meaning that if a part breaks it may make the canoe unsafe to use, or totally unusable. We recommend that you find out whether replacement parts are available before making your purchasing decision, if you think that this may be important to you. 

What do I need to do to maintain my canoe? 

Australis Canoes are virtually maintenance free, which is one of the reasons why they are so popular with hire operators. 
The use of aluminium supports and plastic moulded seats means that there is no wood that can rot over time because of exposure to the elements.
All you need do (if you really want to), is to hose any sand or mud out of the boat.

Can I fit soft backrests to my Australis canoe? 
We currently fit the soft backrests to our Swagman and Bushranger canoes in our Deluxe fishing package. 

  • If you already have a canoe and would like to fit soft backrest to it, a kit is able to be purchased as an after-market package that you can fit to your canoe. 

Can I take my canoe out on the ocean? 
Although we know that people have done this, Australis Canoes strongly recommends that you do not take a canoe onto the ocean. 
The hull shape of a canoe is not designed to handle the waves and swell of the ocean, and may tip over. 

  • When paddling on the ocean, it is recommended that you stick to either sit-on-top kayaks or a specialist sea kayak, both of which are designed to be paddled in waves and swell. 

How do I carry a canoe on my car? Do I need cradles on my roof racks? 
The easiest and most secure way to carry a canoe on your car is to put it up straight onto standard roof racks, upside-down.
Securing your canoe up-side down on the flat of the gunnels is more secure than tying a canoe into cradles.  



Is the 3 seat Bushranger bigger than the 2 seat Bushranger? 

The exact same hull is used to make the 2 seat and the 3 seat Bushranger canoes. 
The canoes only differ in that the 3 seat Bushranger has an extra seat and backrest fitted into the middle cockpit of the canoe. 
The extra seat and backrest accounts for the slightly heavier weight of the 3 seat canoe. 

Can I fit a middle seat to my Bushranger 2 and convert it to a Bushranger 3? 

Both the middle seat by itself or a middle seat and backrest kit are available to purchase as an after-market accessory to allow you to convert your Bushranger canoe from a 2 seater to a 3 seater. Most people choose to just fit the seat (not the backrest) as it is an easier fit-out that does not require any alterations to the 2 seat set-up.

How do I fit a middle seat to my Bushranger to convert it to a Bushranger 3? 

NOTE: The weld hole underneath the seat goes towards the rear of the canoe. 

  • Place the seat into the middle of the centre cockpit of the canoe with the edge of the seat closest to your feet and angled away at 45 degrees.
  • Place a tyre lever (or large screw driver) between the seat and the opposite side of the canoe and pull the tyre lever towards you while pushing on the seat. The side of the canoe will flex out approx 50mm (2") to allow the seat to slip into the canoe. 
  • Push the seat towards the rear of the centre cockpit.
  • To remove the seat, move the seat towards the centre of the cockpit and reverse the process.


Is the Swagman canoe available as a 2 seater? 

The Swagman is only available as a 3 seater, as the middle seat provides support to the structure of the canoe. 



What is the maximum size motor that I can put on my Australis Bushranger or Swagman canoe? 

Australis Canoes recommends that a motor size of 2.5Hp petrol or 28-36 pound electric NOT BE EXCEEDED when using a motor on either the Bushranger or Swagman canoes.

What if I have a bigger size motor? Can I still use it? 

Exceeding the recommended motor sizes will not make the canoe travel any faster and may actually cause it to become unsafe.
Our canoes have a maximum "hull speed" that can easily be achieved with motors of the recommended size. 

Do I need to put an outrigger kit on if I have a motor bracket on my canoe? 

Although not compulsory, we do strongly recommend that you attach an outrigger kit when using a motor on your canoe, to ensure maximum stability. 

Can I fit an Australis motor bracket to my non-Australis canoe? 

Usually not. 
Our motor brackets are make up to fit perfectly onto the profile of our Bushranger and Swagman canoes, so that your motor will be securely attached. Remember you need to specify which canoe it needs to fit.
As most other canoes will not have the exact same profile, the motor bracket will not fit as securely as it should, and it may come off resulting in you losing your motor. 

What materials are your motor brackets made of? 

Aluminium square bar, with marine ply wood and 316 marine-grade stainless steel screws. 



I don't have an Australis canoe, but can I still fit an Australis outrigger kit to my non-Australis canoe? 

Whilst our outrigger kits have been made to use with the Bushranger and Swagman canoes, the kit does come with universal fittings and you may find that the outrigger kits will either bolt straight onto your canoe, or may do so with a small amount of modification. 
The poles that the outrigger floats attach to, will straddle across the middle of most canoes. It is the brackets that may need to be modified to be compatible with your canoe. 


What comes in the outrigger kit? 

You can purchase Australis outrigger kits as a single kit or a double kit. Alternatively, you can also purchase the floats only. 

Float only with 2 wing nuts attached to moulded-in thread

Single Outrigger Kit - consisting of: 

  • 1 x float with 2 wing nuts to attach the float to the 2 poles 
  • 2 x 2m (40mm) anodised aluminium poles 
  • 4 x attaching clamps that affix the poles to the canoe. 
    Each clamp consists of a: 
         Large U-bolt that holds the poles down onto the canoe. 
         Backing plate that secures the U-bolt down against the canoe. 
         Wingnuts that tighten the backing plate to the U-bolt.  

Double Outrigger Kit - consisting of: 

  • 2 x floats with 2 wing nuts (per float) to attach the floats to the 2 poles 
  • 2 x 3m (40mm) anodised aluminium poles 
  • 4 x attaching clamps that affix the poles to the canoe. 
    Each clamp consists of a: 
         Large U-bolt that holds the poles down onto the canoe. 
         Backing plate that secures the U-bolt down against the canoe. 
         Wingnuts that tighten the backing plate to the U-bolt.  

What materials are your outrigger kits made of? 

  • Float - the same polyethylene as our canoes. 
  • Poles - 40mm aluminium poles that are anodised to protect the aluminium and stop your hands turning black when you handle them. 
  • U-Bolt - stainless steel 
  • Wingnuts - stainless steel
  • Backing plate - aluminium