Paddling Safety

Extract from the the NSW Roads and Maritime website:

Lifejackets (Personal Floatation Devices or PFDs) must be worn when paddling at most times on all waters, regardless of your distance from the shore.
For full details of the lifejacket wearing requirements, go to - Lifejackets.

Paddle Safe Video

More information is on the NSW Roads and Maritime website about a variety of relevant subjects including: 

Other safety information and suggestions for paddling locations are available under Useful Links on the Australis web site:

NSW Marine Rescue web site has lots of useful information and, while we hope you never have to use it, a link to a FREE Marine Rescue phone app

Canoe Tasmania presents 7 Videos on Basic Skills & Safety for Kayaking with 3 times Wildwater World Cup Medalist, Dan Hall.

We thank Canoe Tasmania for allowing us to share this information.

In order the videos show and explain:

  1. Before You Get in the Water
  2. Forwards and Backwards Paddling
  3. Support Strokes
  4. Rescue Techniques
  5. Sweep Strokes
  6. Draw Strokes
  7. Bow Draw Strokes

NSW Sea Kayak Club 
This is a club with a focus on sea kayaking and developing the skills for safe open water paddling.

Visit the NSW Sea Kayak Club website by clicking  www.nswseakayaker.asn.au 

Introduction to Basic Sea Kayaking Skills online resource
The NSWSKC has also developed this online resource which uses video demonstrations, text and photographs of key skills at the Basic Skills level for sea kayaking. This resource has been written and compiled by NSWSKC instructors and paddlers to demonstrate skills and inspire club members to constantly improve and progress their sea kayaking. Promotion of safe sea kayaking is a core aim of the club and this resource.


Please note, from November 1 2010, it will be compulsory to wear a PFD when kayaking in most situations and for ALL children under 12.

These new requirements apply to all NSW navigable water including estuaries, rivers, lakes, dams and ocean waters.

 Find out more on the old NSW Maritime website about: