Features Explained


There are many features that go into making a kayak, and each feature will cause the boat to perform a little differently. 

Within each feature category, there are numerous options that the designer can choose to include or omit, with the overall decision being dependent on the end benefit or performance that the designer would like the boat to have or do.

The different features to consider when looking to purchase a canoe, kayak, sea kayak or sit-on-top can be found under each heading. There you can see what the feature actually does and why Australis has chosen to include that particular style of this feature. Sometimes, we will also discuss alternatives to the feature that we have chosen. 

Background Information on the Designers

The designers at Australis are brothers, John and David Slattery, who first sat in a canoe in the mid 1950s whilst on holidays on the Central Coast of NSW. 

In the past 60 years, John and David have paddled many, many different types of craft in widely varying situtions including flat water touring, white water paddling in canoes and kayaks, wave riding, canoe polo and marathon racing. As such, both men have extensive paddling knowledge and experience about how different boats will perform in a given situation, and this expertise is incorporated into every product that they design and build.

In more recent times, with river levels low because of the drought, you are most likely to sea David and John cruising around the 5 islands off the Wollongong coastline in their sea kayaks. Other favourite paddling places are the Whitsundays and the beautiful and spectacular Tasmanian coast.

Australis is a progressive and innovative company at the forefront of new product development in Australia and around the world. This innovation is especially evident when looking at our take-apart sea kayaks, the Komodo and Iguana.

Whilst we believe that our boats are the best performing when out on the water, we do keep our eyes open for ideas that will "tweak" our boats and make them even better to use.

Our company motto is one of "continuous improvement", and because of this we are always looking for those little features that just seem to add the icing on the cake.