About Us

Australis Designers

The owners and designers of Australis are brothers John and David Slattery.

They have over 100 years of combined paddling experience, and as they are still active paddlers, you will regularly see them paddling up and down the coast line of Wollongong and the NSW South Coast. If you have the time, they will willingly talk for hours about their experiences paddling in the Whitsundays and David's favourite paddling places in beautiful and spectacular Tasmania. 

John and David are experienced in numerous paddling disciplines including flat water and white water touring, sea kayaking, canoe polo, surfing and marathon racing. They have paddled many, many rivers throughout Australia and were quite competitive in their younger years, especially in marathon racing and canoe polo.

Years of practical paddling experience in local conditions and an in-depth knowledge of the rotational moulding process means that we can confidently call Australis the leading brand of plastic canoes and kayaks available in Australia in terms of quality and performance.

David and John canoeing in the 1950s

John and David Slattery paddling a plywood canoe at Woy Woy (Central Coast NSW), circa 1956.

About Australis 

Australis is the largest "100% All Aussie" designer and manufacturer of plastic canoes, kayaks, sea kayaks and sit-on-tops in Australia.

We made our first fibreglass canoes and kayaks in the mid 1960s, as Scouts and continued to do so through the 1970s and 80s as members of the Illawarra Canoe Club.

After numerous requests by our friends, and after being "down-sized" by Big Business (John by the Coal Mines and David by Telecom), in 1984 we started making fibreglass canoes and kayaks commercially and sold them from our original shop front on the Princes Highway in Woonona.

In 1987, with the demand for our canoes and kayaks exploding, we converted our manufacturing processes to the speedier "rotational moulding" and we began making all of our canoes and kayaks in the more robust and durable polyethylene.

From these humble beginnings, Australis is proving to be a true success story. The "Little Aussie Battler" has not only survived against larger competitors from overseas, but has thrived and grown to be the largest plastic rotational moulder of canoes and kayaks, sea kayaks and sit-ons in Australia.

All Australis canoes, kayaks, sea kayaks and sit-on-tops are designed and made in Wollongong NSW, where we have a custom built factory and a retail showroom. Here you are able to view and purchase all our products or arrange to have a personal trial paddle on any craft.

Australis Products are:

  • designed by experienced paddlers – suitable for novices through to experts
  • designed to perform – stackable (selected models), stable, tracking, manoeuvrable, FUN!
  • designed to last – not become land-fill
  • made with the highest UV available – copes with Australian conditions
  • tried and tested and proven to last – comes with a Lifetime Warranty*
  • safe for the whole family – designed with safety and fun family times in mind
  • can be easily repaired – IF you manage to damage it

Advantages of Australis:

  • you are buying from experienced paddlers – who use these products all the time
  • take a test paddle before you buy – we are so confident in our products
  • made in Australia – unlike a lot of competing plastic brands
  • been around for 35 years – not 35 days
  • supports Australian manufacturing – your money stays in Australia and supports local families
  • you can talk to the manufacturer – and even the designer
  • widest range of craft – with 20 models there is something for everyone


  • Where is it made?
    • Who made it?
      • What is in it?
        • How does it perform?

*Australis Lifetime Warranty*
All watercraft manufactured by Australis Canoes & Kayaks are covered by a Lifetime Warranty.

  • The Lifetime Warranty offered by Australis Canoes covers faulty materials and workmanship.
  • It applies to watercraft used for domestic purposes and does not apply to commercial operators.
  • It does not cover general wear and tear caused by usage.

Damage caused by wear and tear can usually be repaired, even though it is not covered by warranty.
Spare parts are also readily available because all Australis watercraft are manufactured in Wollongong.


100% Australian
Aussie, Aussie, Aussie... and proud of it!!

 All Australis products are: 

  • 100% Australian Made 
  • 100% Australian Designed, and 
  • Australis is a 100% Australian Owned Family Company

These 3 factors combine to assure that you will receive a quality product that is specific for Australian paddling conditions.

Because Australis is wholly Australian owned and we are not under the influence of any foreign companies, we can honestly call ourselves Truly Independent! 

All of our products have been designed by Experienced Australian Paddlers with Australian paddling conditions in mind.

"Product of Australia"

As we have said, Australis is a 100% Australian and, as such, is proud to be a licensee of the Australian Made, Australian Grown campaign. The logo assists customers in identifying products made in Australia so they can make informed decisions about purchasing products that support manufacturing and jobs in Australia.

All Australis canoes, kayaks, sea kayaks, sit-on-tops and paddles have been certified as a "Product of Australia" which is the highest qualification offered to a manufacturer. This means that all of our manufacturing processes occur within Australia, using Australian raw materials (whenever possible). In this way we support many other small businesses who employ Australian workers.

We feel this certification will help consumers identify between products that have been manufactured in Australia, and products that are sold by companies who say they are "Australian owned and operated" but who actually sell products that have been manufactured overseas. 

To find out why buying Australian is good for you, for your family & friends and for Australia go  to the Australian Made website.

Be Aware
Some products claim to be "Australian", and whilst they are technically "Made in Australia", they are actually overseas products that are made under licence to a foreign company or are 
partially assembled here.


The Australis Manufacturing Process

The shells of all Australis craft are rotationally moulded by a computer controlled plastic rotational moulding oven. By using a computer, we eliminate the probability of "human error" in the most important part of the manufacturing process.

The mould is then taken from the oven and moved to one of our cooling stations where the shell is left to naturally air cool.

Because we know the intricacies of rotational moulding, and so that we can guarantee quality in our end product, at Australis we make all of our own plastic rotational moulding ovens rather than buying them from a mass producing "oven manufacturer".

After the cooling cycle has completed, the shell is removed from the mould. It is taken to a separate section in our manufacturing plant where parts such as seats, footrests and hatches are fitted. We use customised tools that we have developed so that all combings are uniform widths, and each model in the Australis range has its own set of "jigs and templates" to ensure that holes for footrest and seat screws are drilled in exactly the right position.

After the fit out is completed, the product is wrapped to ensure cleanliness and stored in custom built racks until it is required to be shipped to the customer.