Australis are the manufacturers of the the popular Powerblade and Banjo paddle blades.

All Australis paddles made at the factory are "double plugged" to create an air lock so that your paddle will float on top of the water and we only use "anodised" aluminium to protect your hands and prevent them from reacting with the aluminium and turning black. 

All Banjo paddles on a fibreglass shaft are supplied with a control grip and heatshrink fitted as standard.

Please Note: 
Australis also sell our paddle blades as "blades only" to other manufacturers. If you buy a paddle from someone who is not a registered agent of Australis craft please ask your salesperson if the paddle was made directly by Australis, and if not, ask if anodised aluminium has been used and if the shaft and blades have been "plugged". 

Australis Freight Policy