Sit-on-Top Accessories

There are many accessories that will enhance your Sit-on-Top kayaking experience - both from your personal comfort level and also from a safety aspect. 

PFD with hydro-pack pocket
Banjo paddle with aluminium or fibreglass shaft
Paddle leash
Fishing Packages
Dry bags
Protective clothing including hat, jacket, gloves, boots
Trolley (take apart)

A lightweight paddle leash with a low profile for easy use. Ideal for sea kayaking and fish kayaking. The paddle never leaves your side.


An excellent alternative to chemical glowsticks and available in multiple LED colors, the LED Mini glowstick has replaceable batteries for endless hours of colourful bright night-time visibility, a sleek design and a simple twist on / off function.

Paddle Rope

A paddle rope allows you to keep your paddle attached to your kayak. Our paddle rope has a double velcro grip to securely fit around the shaft of your paddle, and attaches to your craft via a loop where the rope is fed back through. 


Transform your standard Ocky or Foxx into a fishing kayak by slipping the fishing rod box into the storage well in the rear of your craft.

Australis double outrigger kit to add stability & buoyancy to your Squid sit-on-top. A great accessory when using your kayak for fishing.

Moulded toggle and rope to replace the end carry toggles on Sit-on-Tops, Kayaks, Sea Kayaks and Canoes. Please specify if you need the toggle and...

Australis outrigger floats for Squid kayaks add stability and are available in colours to match your canoe. They are made from UV stabilised Linear Polyethelene. 

Collapsible, stainless steel trolley to transport small sit-on-top kayaks. 

Extension poles allow the Australis sit-on kayak trolley to take 2 Australis stacking sit on kayaks on one trolley. 


A self-contained storage box to fit the well of the Ocky or Foxx with a cargo strap to hold it in place.

Removable elasticised strap to secure your utility box, dry bag or cargo in the storage well of the Ocky or Foxx.

A self-contained storage box to fit the well of the Ocky or Foxx for those who already have a cargo strap.