Fishing Accessories

Fishing Accessories for Kayaks and Canoes 

Most Australis Sit-on-Tops, Canoes and Kayaks are available to purchase as off-the-shelf Fishing Packages

The inclusions vary according to the layout of the craft but as a general rule the Fishing Packages include:

  • Paddle Leash
  • Rod Holders - either Fixed or Adjustable or a combination of both

and the option of either a

  • 1.5 litre storage pod (sit-ons) or a
  • 3 litre storage pod (kayaks)

If you already own your craft or prefer to purchase your kayak as a "blank" and install rod holders, paddle ropes, clips, bungy and secure points yourself, some accessories are listed here.

Fishing Accessories for Boats

Australis also manufactures:

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