Replacement Parts

Australis Canoes makes every canoe, kayak, sea kayak, sit-on-top and paddle at our Factory in Bellambi so replacement parts are always available.

All Australis canoes, kayaks, sea kayaks, sit-on-tops and paddles have been certified as a "Product of Australia" which is the highest qualification offered to a manufacturer. This means that all of our manufacturing processes occur within Australia, using Australian raw materials. 

We actually manufacture many of the parts we use ourselves and wherever possible we buy the other parts and accessories from Australian manufacturers and suppliers to ensure we use the best quality parts available.

FOOTREST and RUDDER Parts have been listed in a separate sub-section.

All PADDLE Parts are also available.

We carry a wide variety of Small Fasteners and Replacement Parts. CLICK HERE for Illustrated Price List

To order ring Australis on 02 4285 2000.

Australis Freight Policy