Banjo Kayak Paddles

The Banjo can be used for general purpose flat-water paddling as well as in the surf and produces a brilliant paddling experience for both novice and skilled paddlers. 

The "asymmetrical" (sometimes called "tear drop") shape delivers excellent paddling efficiency, and the rigidity of the glass-filled polypropylene (light-weight yet strong) eliminates "flutter" during power strokes. 

Banjo blades are set at an angle of 70 degrees on a 29mm anodised aluminium or fibreglass shaft.  Drip rings are fitted as standard. 

Aluminium Shaft:

  • can be upgraded from a bare shaft by adding "heatshrink and grip".
  • "Split" paddles are also available. An aluminium push-button split shaft allows you to take your paddle apart for easy transporting and storage,

Fibreglass Shaft:

  • all paddles on a fibreglass shaft are supplied with a control grip and heatshrink.
  • a fibreglass smart-shaft means the paddle can be adjusted in length (up to 10cm) and angle (from unfeathered to 90 degrees), as well as being taken apart for easy storage. 

All Australis paddles made at the factory are "double plugged" to create an air lock so that your paddle will float on top of the water and we only use "anodised" aluminium to protect your hands and prevent them from reacting with the aluminium and turning black. 

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