Powerblade Paddles

Genuine Powerblade paddles and Powerblade blades are only available from Australis Canoes and Kayaks. Powerblades are a robust blade made from high impact polypropylene and, because they can take a lot of abuse, they are a favourite with most Australian rafting companies, hire operators, schools and scout groups.

Please note:
To ensure you are getting a genuine Powerblade paddle, check that the paddle has the Powerblade symbol embossed on the face of the blade. To see a close-up of the symbol, check out the black blade on any Powerblade web-page.

Powerblades are made up as either single (canoe) or double (kayak) paddles on adodised aluminium shaft (32mm outside diameter).

Single Paddles:

  •  the Powerblade is attached to the aluminium shaft and a comfortable moulded plastic T-grip is fitted to the other end.

Double Paddles:

  • the Powerblades are set at an angle of 70 degrees onto the anodised aluminium shaft.
  • can be upgraded from a bare aluminium shaft by adding "heatshrink and grip."
  • have drips-rings fitted as standard.
  • are available with a "push button split" aluminium shaft that allows you to take your paddle apart for easy transporting and storage.

All Australis paddles made at the factory are "double plugged" to create an air lock so that your paddle will float on top of the water and we only use "anodised" aluminium to protect your hands and prevent them from reacting with the aluminium and turning black. 

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