Fishing Kayaks

Fishing Kayaks and Kayak Angler Packages by Australis

All Australis kayaks (except the Platypus) are available to purchase already set up as Fishing Kayaks. So if you would like to get out and fishing in your kayak as soon as possible, simply choose the Fishing Package that will best suit your needs. 

If you prefer, you can purchase your fishing kayak as a "blank" and install rod holders, paddle ropes, clips, bungies and secure points at your preferred location. 

Some colours are offered through the click-down options for each craft but plain colours and other 2-colour or 3-colour fades are also available. As colour charts are unreliable we have provided links to some photos on the website that will give you an indication of how the colours and blends actually look on the craft. [About Us - Common Questions - Colours

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