Australis Canoes and Kayaks make two Canadian style canoes that are well known throughout Australia as being very stable, rugged and reliable and great for fishing.

  • The Swagman Canoe is a fully open, large volume canoe with 3 seats
  • The Bushranger Canoe is semi-enclosed with 3 separate cockpits and comes in either a 2 seat and a 3 seat version 

Both the Swagman Canoe and the Bushranger Canoe come with a variety of options for Fishing Packages.

Some colours are offered through the click-down options for each craft but all plain colours are available. As colour charts are unreliable we have provided some links to photos on the website that will give you an iindication of how the colours and blends look on actual craft. [About Us - Common Questions - Colours

If you are looking for something for 2 people that is smaller and lighter than a canoe check out the Australis 2-Up kayak. 

Not sure what features are important when choosing a Canoe? We have some information to get you started and also answers to some common questions.

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