Babies & Children

Australis stocks 3 PFDs (Life Jackets) that are suitable for babies and toddlers - with the prices depending on the features.

The tables below are a general size guide for children but this should be used as a guide only. Correct fitting can only be determined by wearing the PFD.

JUNIOR  *with crotch strap  
 RAIDER Toddler L100 Chest Size Weight
1/2* 50cm 10-15kg
3/4* 60cm 15-25kg
4/6* 65cm 15-25kg
RAIDER Junior L100    
6/8 70cm 22-40kg
8/10 75cm 22-40kg
12/14 80cm 40-50kg
BLADE Junior Chest Size Weight
6* 65cm 15-25kg
10 75cm 25-40kg
REGATTA Junior Chest Size Weight
4* 60cm 12-25kg
6* 65cm 12-25kg
8 70cm 22-40kg
10 75cm 25-40kg
12 80cm 40-50kg