Sea Kayaks

The Australis Lizard Sea Kayak Range includes singles and a double, and our unique take-apart sea kayaks, which make it easy to store and transport. 

All Australis sea kayaks have a traditional drop over rudder and all hatch covers included in the price and are suitable for flat water as well as the open ocean.

Great for day use as well as long, sea-going expeditions they have been tried and tested in the oceans of Tasmania, Whitsunday Islands, Bass Straight and down the coast of South Africa.

Some colours are offered through the click-down options for each craft but plain colours and other 2-colour or 3-colour fades are also available. As colour charts are unreliable we have provided some links to photos on the website that will give you an iindication of how the colours and blends look on actual craft. [About Us - Common Questions - Colours

Not sure what features are important when choosing a Sea Kayak? We have some information to get you started and also answers to some common questions.

Extra information on design features and how they influence performance and comfort:

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Gecko Sea Kayak

Gecko 4.4m compact sea kayak. Small sea kayak that will easily handle the open ocean. Two storage areas and decklines are standard. Made in Australia by Australis Kayaks and Canoes.
Very fast and manoeuvrable, with a hull that provides secondary stability.
Suitable for use on open ocean, as well as touring protected waterways. 

Salamander 5.2m expedition sea kayak that is fast and manoeuvrable. Easily handles the open ocean. Three storage areas including a day hatch that can be accessed whilst on the water. Made in Australia by Australis Kayaks and Canoes.
Suitable for extended expeditions on the open ocean. 

The Komodo 7.4 metre modular plastic sea kayak that easily transforms from a double to a single and back again!! Comprised of a front, middle and rear pod, the Komodo can be assembled as a double or single expedition sea kayak, depending on your requirements. 
Easy to store and transport and essentially gives you 2 sea kayaks for the price of 1. 

Iguana Sea Kayak

Iguana 4.9 metre single modular plastic sea kayak. Comprised of a front, middle and rear pod, the Iguana can be stored and transported in pieces and can be assembled in minutes. 
It allows people with limited storage space to have a full sized expedition sea kayak.