Rack & Roll Loading System

Rack & Roll - Universal Loading System


Leg Support for Heavier Loads

Rack & Roll is a universal and removable roof rack accessory originally designed and developed to make it possible for just one person to load heavy, awkward objects onto the roof of their vehicle.
Originally designed to load Kayaks and Canoes onto a vehicle, the Rack & Roll system has also found uses in trades for an individual loading operator Stand up Paddle Boards, timber or ladders.
Rack & Roll - Universal Loading Solution is the convenient and pain free way to lift your load.
Tested with loads up to 34kg 

For loads heavier than 34kg (eg Bushranger or Swagman) the Rack & Roll - Load Extension Support 'RRLEG' will enable the Rack & Roll to be used with loads up to 65kg.

Go to the Rack & Roll website for more information and also a Video demonstration on loading kayaks.

Note: In the comments box please provide details of the roof racks you wish to use with the Rack & Roll or phone 02 4285 2000 to discuss.

Load Extension Support 'RRLEG'

Out of the box, Rack & Roll - Universal Loading Solution covers most situation working with loads up to 34kg.
If you need to lift an object which exceeds 34kg, the addition of Rack & Roll - Load Extension support 'RRLEG' extends the usefulness of your Rack & Roll - Universal Loading Solution up to 65kg.

The ‘Leg’ has a working range of between 1.3m & 2.2m 

Using the Rack & Roll with the 'Leg' is no different than without, the leg just takes the excess weight off your roof rack system, allowing larger loads to be lifted (Up to 65kg). Great for Canoes and larger Kayaks.