Sit-on-Top Kayaks

Australis Canoes and Kayaks make a range of Sit-on-Top Kayaks and Fishing Kayaks including single, double and even a versatile single/double/triple combo.

Some Sit-on-Tops have the unique feature of stacking with one another to make it easier to store and transport. 

All Australis Sit-on-Top Kayaks are designed to perform on flat water as well as in the surf and all come with a paddle (or 2) included in the price.

All Australis Sit-on-Tops (except the Illusion) are also available as Fishing Packages. 

If you are looking for more speed than the traditional recreational Sit-on-Tops, the Illusion might be the answer as it is more like a surf ski but is shorter and wider, making it more user friendly.

Not sure what features are important when choosing a Sit-on-Top kayak? We have some information to get you started and also answers to some common questions.

Extra information on design features and how they influence performance and comfort:

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