Date added: 17/01/2018 New Year's Resolution? Buy Australian!

The Australian Made website has a wealth of information on the benefits of buying genuine Australian products

  • It’s good for you – you support local jobs and our economy and the products meet our high Australian standards. They come with warranties, and should you need spare parts or service, the supplier is just a phone call away.
  • It's good for your family and friends - When you buy Australian-made and grown products, you can be sure you are keeping your family members and friends employed.
  • It's good for Australia – the effects flow through the economy and it makes sense to buy things that have been made right here in Australia.

Australis Canoes and Kayaks are Australian Made and Australian Owned. When you buy Australis canoes and kayaks you are buying Australian products and supporting Australian manufacturers. We employ locally and buy locally so that we can ensure that all out products are of the highest standard - therefore Australis has the confidence to offer a lifetime warranty on the materials and workmanship of all canoes and kayaks.