Date added: 12/03/2015 How much is your life worth?

Do you know if your lifejacket complies with Roads & Maritime guidelines? New regulations are in force and with school holidays and Easter approaching, now is an opportune time to check that your knowledge and safety equipment are up to date. We have made it easy for you - just click on the large Paddle Smart icon on the home page and follow the links for up to date information on Life Jacket Requirements and  Weather and Tides. There is also a PDF of the Paddle Smart Brochure to print.

For those who are new to kayaking or interested in learning new skills we have 7 short videos on Basic Skills & Safety for Kayaking by 3 times Wildwater World Medallist, Dan Hall.

For those interested in more advanced paddling techniques the NSWSKC has developed an online resource which uses video demonstrations, text and photographs of key skills at the Basic Skills level for sea kayaking. 

Date added: 06/02/2015 Australis have a Sit-in Kayak for you

Australis Canoes and Kayaks produce 6 different models of sit-in kayaks so you are certain to find something to suit everyone. The smallest and lightest Australis kayak is the Funyak, which is very stable and safe for young paddlers. Both the Barra and Bass kayaks are wide-bodied, stable and have a larger cockpit to accommodate larger paddlers or fishermen with their fishing gear. But if you want to travel longer distances then find out about the Platypus and the Saratoga. For 2 or more people the Australis 2-Up kayak has a flexible seat configuration to accommodate 1 or 2 paddlers or 1 adult and 2 children. Most Australis Sit-in Kayaks also have an optional Fishing Package for those who are keen anglers.

Date added: 09/01/2015 New Year! New opportunities to paddle!

Going camping with the family these holidays? Don't forget to check out the Bushranger Canoe. Our "Australis Bushie" has been the favourite canoe for families, fishermen, schools, scout groups & hire operators for over 25 years and it continues to be popular because it will carry a huge load, is stable, reliable and virtually indestructable - just what you need in a family canoe. You can choose either a 2-seat or 3-seat Bushranger but for carrying an even bigger load, the larger 3-seat Swagman is also available. Both the Bushranger and Swagman Canoes come with 3 options in Fishing Packages.


Date added: 05/11/2014 New Arrivals

We have a great range of accessories to make it easy to select a gift for your kayaking or canoeing enthusiast. "Hides" are a great option to keep expensive sunglasses afloat, should they come off and we have sun-safe hats and gloves in a wide range of colours. Remember Gift Certificates are always available.

Date added: 01/10/2014 What a great start to Spring!

Here on the NSW South Coast we have already had some absolutely gorgeous weather and a few really hot days. If you are considering a canoe or kayak so you can get out on the water this summer, remember we have a flexible lay-by system to make it easier for you. Call in to the showroom or give us a ring to discuss your needs.

Date added: 03/06/2014 Family Owned & Proud

Remember that when you buy Australis you are are buying Australian and are supporting Australian manufacturers.  We employ locally and make all our products from the highest quality, Australian raw materials. On top of this we give you a lifetime warranty - Yes our products are that good!!