Date added: 22/09/2017 Try Before You Buy!

With the weather warming up there is no better time to start looking for that canoe or kayak that suits your needs. Our best advice is don't buy any craft until you have had it on the water. Check out the manufacturer, how long they have been around, what materials they use and from where and make sure your purchase has a warranty that is backed up. 

At Australis we do one-on-one test paddles by appointment, so that you get the time and advice you need to work out what suits you. We have found that some people feel rushed and pressured to make a decision at paddle days that are open to everyone. As an alternative our experienced paddlers prefer to spend their time just with you so you can have as long as you need on the water and they can answer every possible question you may have. 

At Australis we also have a wide range of craft available to hire, that way you can really see how great our products are - better still if you would like to purchase one of our canoes or kayaks when you return your hire - we will give you the hire amount back off your purchase price! 

Our Hire Rates and all our products are on our website www.canoes.com.au

Date added: 21/03/2017 Key Vault by Kanulock

Australis is now stocking the Kanulock Key Vault - ideal for securing your car keys when you are at the beach or on the water. Modern car keys and the beach do not go well together so people are forced to hide their keys while enjoying the beach. Now you can safely lock your electronic keys to your car while you enjoy the water and know they are safe from thieves, sand and water.
As further good news Australis has 2 Key Vaults to give away. Go to the Australis Facebook Page, "like and share" to go into the draw for this great prize.

Date added: 10/03/2017 Inflatable PFD Servicing

An exciting day! You can now easily get your Manual and Automatic Inflatable PFDs serviced through our factory at Bellambi. This is a weekly service and it is as easy as dropping your jacket in to us - we look after the rest. 
All jackets are serviced by an accredited service provider and will be returned to you with the inspection certificate required by Maritime authorities. 
Remember ALL INFLATABLE PFDs need to be inspected every 12 months to comply with safety regulations.

After many requests from those who love fishing from bigger boats, Australis is also re-releasing the Live Bait Tank and the Berley Bucket.

Date added: 12/01/2017 Ocky's White Christmas

Are you starting to melt with the continuing hot weather? For a quick cool down check out the Australis Canoes Facebook page to see how an Ocky handles a white Christmas in America. It's not what we imagined when we designed the Ocky but just goes to show how versatile and durable Australis products are.

Date added: 08/12/2016 On the Twelfth Day of Christmas . . .

The 12 Days of Christmas have come to Australis! Come back every day to see Christmas gift ideas - some mundane, some unusual, some new items and some that are always popular, Gifts for family and friends or treat youself.

  • 12. Finally, a suggestion for everyone who enjoys the outdoors: Be safe in the sun with Fingerless Gloves and a Kalahari Hat by Uveto or some Mirage shoes to protect your feet from unseen nasties along the shore. Prefer to play at night? Have fun with the new LED Mini glowstick from Zen - with replaceable batteries you can have endless hours of colourful bright night-time visibility. Have a safe and Happy Christmas, everyone!
  • 11. Looking for something for that special someone who has everything? Paddles are an essential item for kayaking  and specialist paddles can be very expensive. The padded Paddle Bag by Solution is a great way to store or transport any 2 double paddles and it can also be folded in half to safely protect 2 split shaft paddles.
  • 10. Outriggers are a great way to add stability to your canoe or kayak, especially if you are fishing or wish to add a motor. Australis manufactures outigger kits that are adaptable for most models of canoe - they are available as single or double kits and also as floats only. The Squid outrigger kit is only sold as a double kit or as floats only and can also be adapted to suit a wide range of sit-on-top kayaks. These small outriggers have the added advantage of adding buoyancy to the rear of small sit-ons if overall weight is a concern.
  • 9. Motorise your kayak! Railblaza has released a Universal Kayak Motor Mount that is easy to attach to most kayaks or sit-on-tops. It combines the flexibility of Railblaza mounts with some clever design, delivering a mounting bracket for electric outboards and even petrol outboards up to 2.5HP. This Motor Bracket will fit almost all models of kayak and is the simplest way to attach a trolling motor to your Kayak.
  • 8. Want more Peace of Mind? For those who like to be on the water but still want technology at their fingertips we have 3 great products: From Ocean & Earth the new Floating Phone Case allows you to use your phone while keeping it safe and the The Water Wallet keeps all your small valuables dry. Sea to Summit has the TPU Waterproof Case for Large Smartphones which is also suitable for all phones.
  • 7. For 2 simple things that gives you peace of mind but cost little you can't go past a glasses strap and a paddle leash. The Hides 3-in-one Glasses Strap by H2O is a neoprene strap that not only protects your glasses and also keeps them afloat if they come off when kayaking. A Paddle Leash keeps your paddle safely attached to your kayak whether you are fishing, taking photos or even capsizing. Peace of mind - priceless!
  • 6. Special accessories from Sea to Summit for sea kayakers:
    Travel covers are the ultimate travel & storage accessory as they keep out insects, animals or as a petrol saver for the highway. We have 2 options: Gear Trip Travel Cover that covers your cockpit and also holds your paddling gear and the standard neoprene Road Trip Cover. There are also lots of smaller gift options for those who are passionate about getting out on the open ocean: Inflatable Paddle Floats for self rescue, a bilge water pump if you are swamped, and a Paddle Leash to keep your paddle safe.
  • 5. A Thule Lockable Paddle Carrier is also a great gift for the security-minded paddler. Designed to make carrying paddles, oars or masts very simple, this multi-purpose carrier fits Thule Aerobar, Rhino Sportz, Rola roof racks.
  • 4. A definite favourite are the Kanulock lockable tie-downs. Great for peace of mind if you are going on holidays or just like to stop off for coffee or shopping after your paddle. Available in 4 sizes to suit everything from a surfboard to a big canoe these are without doubt our most practical 'must have' item. 
  • 3. The Rack & Roll Universal Loading System makes it possible for just one person to load heavy, awkward objects onto the roof of their vehicle. Adapted to suit most roof rack brands and models and great for double kayaks or canoes, there is also an optional support leg available for very heavy loads. Still unconvinced this would make your life easier? Watch this video to see how easy it is to load a heavy kayak. 
  • 2. Trolleys! Carts! Whatever you call them, they make life easier. A take-apart trolley helps you get your canoe or kayak to the water without carrying it. We stock carts made by Sea to Summit in 3 sizes - small for sea kayaksmedium for wide beamed kayaks and large for big canoes. Even more popular are the lightweight stainless steel trolleys for Sit-ons - for both single and doubles. 
  • 1. Lifejackets (or PFDs) might be boring but thay are are also a 'MUST' for the whole family. Australis carries a wide range of general lifejackets for all sizes, as well as lifejackets designed for a specific purpose: Crewsaver Inflatable (less bulky and cooler in summer), Raider L100 (for babies & toddlers), Ultra Rewa (for Women), Ocean Racer (soft polyester - ideal for shirt-free paddling & SUPs). Don't spoil this holiday season by neglecting your family's safety - you are all worth it!

Date added: 01/12/2016 December means Christmas

December is here so that means just over 3 weeks until Christmas! There is still time to have your special canoe, kayak and sit-on-top manufactured in time to place under the tree. Australis has a wide range of colour choices available for immediate pick-up or delivery and we can quickly add a Fishing Package or other accessories to customise your craft. If you need to keep your purchase away from prying eyes we will store it for you until Christmas Eve. A wide range of low cost accessories is also in stock.

Date added: 27/10/2016 NEW Kayak Motor Mount by Railblaza

Railblaza has released a Universal Kayak Motor Mount that is easy to attach to most kayaks or sit-on-tops. It combines the flexibility of Railblaza mounts with some clever design, delivering a mounting bracket for electric outboards and even petrol outboards up to 2.5HP. This Motor Bracket will fit almost all models of kayak and is the simplest way to attach a trolling motor to your Kayak.

If you need added stability, the Double Outrigger Kit designed for the Australis Squid may be able to be adapted for your sit-on-top.

Date added: 10/10/2016 New Items & New Category for Safety Equipment

We are excited to announce 2 new safety accessories for summer - LED Glow Lights by Nite Ize for safety and nighttime fun and a Paddle Leash by Sea to Summit..

Because your safety and that of your family and friends are very importance to us we have opened a new category in the catalogue where we have gathered all these important accessories in one place.

In the Safety Category there are Paddle Leashes, Sun and Wind Protection, Water Bags, Whistles, LED Glow Lights, Pumps, Paddle Floats and Sea Kayak Ladders for self-rescue.

Don't forget that Personal Flotation Devices (PFDs) are essential and have their own category which can be found here. If you click on the Paddle Smart icon on the home page there is information on PFDs, weather and Tides. 

For those who are new to kayaking or interested in learning new skills we have 7 short videos on Basic Skills & Safety for Kayaking by 3 times Wildwater World Medallist, Dan Hall.

For those interested in more advanced paddling techniques the NSWSKC has developed an online resource which uses video demonstrations, text and photographs of key skills at the Basic Skills level for sea kayaking. 

Date added: 05/07/2016 Shivering in Winter?

Many paddlers love to get out on the water during the winter months to take advantage of the sunny days, the calm conditions and the less crowded waterways. If you are someone who prefers to bunker down in front of an open fire it probably means that your canoe or kayak is used less often. Storage used to be a problem but Australis has found 3 products that can really help and all come with hardware and instructions included. 

  • The Hoist Ceiling Rax by Ocean and Earth is ideal if you are short of space to store your kayak. Store it in the ceiling of your garage or car port and then lower it onto the roof racks. 
  • The Aquasling by Sea to Summit is a simple and economical wall-mounting solution, designed to store anything from surf boards to sea kayaks. The great space saving design keeps your gear stored in the most low-profile position while still protecting it better than any other strap system available. 
  • Aquaracks by Sea to Summit are the simplest, strongest and most versatile storage rack you can find. Aquaracks can accommodate virtually any paddle craft on the market and allow for storage at almost any angle without causing damage. They come in 2 sizes and are a great way to store your boats in the garage at home! 


Date added: 15/04/2016 School Holidays are family fun times

School Holidays are a great time for the family to spend time together doing things they may not have tried before. What could be more fun than hiring a canoe or kayak and taking advantage of the beautiful sunny days we are enjoying now? Day hire (24hours) from Australis starts at $50 for a single sit-on-top kayak and $60 for a canoe or double sit-on-top. Weekend hire rates (3 days) are $80 and $100, so for a small cost you can have lots of water-based fun. Remember, if you decide kayaking is too much fun for just the holidays and you decide to buy, when you return the craft you can ask to use the hire cost as your deposit on a brand new Australis kayak or canoe! [Hire is available from the Australis Factory and you need to take it away to the location you are going to paddle.]