Australis Canoes and Kayaks make two Canadian style canoes that are well known throughout Australia as being very stable, rugged and reliable and great for fishing.

  • The Swagman Canoe is a fully open, large volume canoe with 3 seats
  • The Bushranger Canoe is semi-enclosed with 3 separate cockpits and comes in either a 2 seat and a 3 seat version 

Both the Swagman Canoe and the Bushranger Canoe come with a variety of options for Fishing Packages.

If you are looking for something for 2 people that is smaller and lighter than a canoe check out the Australis 2-Up Kayak. 

Not sure what features are important when choosing a Canoe? We have some information to get you started and also answers to some common questions.

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