Neoprene Spray Deck for Australis Sea Kayaks & Kayaks

Neoprene Spray Deck for Australis Sea Kayaks and Kayaks



A full neoprene deck for keyhole cockpits - specifically designed to fit Australis sea kayaks. Also suitable for the Saratoga and Platypus kayaks.

Neoprene decking is neccessary for sea kayaks when on the open ocean but if you prefer a looser fit around the waist, a flexi-fit waist with a neoprene deck is another option.


  • Full neoprene to keep out the maximum amount of water
  • It has a neoprene tunnel on the waist that gives the most water-tight seal possible. 
  • A spraydeck helps to keep you drier and warmer than you would be without it. 
  • It has bungy around the perimeter which fits under the combing to lock it in. 

Waist sizes:
Extra Large
XX Large
XXX Large