Scuppa Plugs to stop water coming up through the kiss-offs of Australis Sit-on Kayaks

Scuppa Plugs for Sit-on-Top Kayaks



A set of Australis scupper plugs can be used to stop water coming up through the holes in the seat and foot wells of your sit-on-top kayak to keep you drier when paddling on flat water. 
A great accessory to extend your paddling season as they allow you to paddle in winter when the water is colder, and keep a drier seat. 

Remember, you will need to remove the plugs when playing in the surf, so any water that comes into the seat area is able to drain away quickly. 

Available to suit all Australis sit-on-tops with scupper holes. You will need to specify which Australis sit-on kayak you have, so that we can supply you with the correct number and size of plugs required to give you a dry ride. 

Price : $15 or $30